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Welcome to Patterson Lakes Radio Model Yacht club inc which was formed in 1981 by a group dedicated to radio sailing as a sport. Re-locating from Patterson Lakes to the Patterson River at the then newly formed National Water Sports Centre. This venue has proven to be popular to club members and as a venue for State and National competitions. As a club we try to involve all our members from the novice with little experience to two times IOM World Champion Craig Smith, by arranging scratch and handicap racing to give everyone a chance at winning a prize at our end of year presentation. We also have several Ladies and juniors that sail with us. Visitors and new members are always welcome and even if you do not own a boat come along and see what this great sport is all about. Our aim is to give you as much information as needed to get started in RC Sailing from the rules of sailing to memberships and contacts to help you get started which can be found on this website.

The club sails most Tuesdays sailing IOMs or RG65s and DF65s at the National Water Sports Centre, Riverend Road, Bangholme - Melways 97 K2. We also sail on a few Saturdays for special events and on Sundays the club sails Micro Magics, RG65s, DF65s, DF95s and Lasers at the Waterside Drive Waterways - Melways 93 F3. Dates and times for sailing are on our Calendar and there are maps on the Information page to help you get there. Most events are scored and published on to our web results page. We also have a results page for Victorian events which you will find on the State Results.

Where to start! You will need a boat and on the boat classes page we give some advice as to what is popular or just come down to the club and see what you would like, even ask to try one of our members boats. I am sure they will be happy to assist. You will also need a Remote Control Transmitter and Receiver and most importantly you will need batteries preferably rechargeable to help save on costs. We also reccomend you buy a lanyard that can be secured to your transmitter. This will also help save on costs as we have had several over the years fall into the water. Once you have all of this and chosen your boat all you need to do is workout which direction the wind is coming from?

Preparation for sailing days - Be mindful on hot and cold days ... please be prepared on sailing days by wearing appropriate clothing. On hot days it is very important to make sure you are wearing a hat that covers your ears and neck along with light coloured / light weight (cotton) shirts. Similar to cold days, ensure you are wearing enough clothing and waterproof / windproof coat. In winter it can get a bit damp under foot so a good pair of shoes or boots with grip is essential. Another good idea is to fill a thermos with a cool drink in summer and a hot drink in winter (goes well with biscuits at interval). Keep yourself as comfortable as possible and if you feel a little drained because of the weather conditions please rest up until you are better.

The following Videos of the Vic DF 95 Cup were supplied by John Whitaker. More videos can be found on our Video Page.





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